Norms & Standards

The real and the virtual world need a common language and interface to communicate and to link up in terms of Industry 4.0. This means that co-ordinated norms and standards are needed, so that the different systems belonging to different manufacturers can communicate with each other. The aim of the working group is to raise awareness of the significance of norms and standards, to provide information about Industry 4.0 relevant norms and standards, and to give assistance to companies for their product development processes.

The Working Group published the Österreichische Normungs-Kompass „Industrie 4.0“  (Austrian Standardisation Roadmap Industry 4.0).

The aim of the Roadmap is to raise awareness for the topic of standardisation and to give concrete guidance to relevant stakeholders. The Roadmap is accompanied by an online tool that provides detailed and up to date information on norms and standards that are highly relevant for Industry 4.0 (Online-Normenkatalog Industrie 4.0).