Wirtschaftsagentur Wien: Digital Trustworthiness | Vienna – Linz – Brno – Bratislava

Networking event supporting cross-border research and business cooperation between technology developers and adopters from Austria, Czechia and Slovakia.

Why participate?

  • Information: Get to know the latest trends, applicable research results and best practice examples. Find out what funding opportunities are available for your projects.
  • Community building: Initiate new collaborations during pre-arranged round table sessions with 2minute pitches covering your offering and cooperation sought.
  • Targeted networking: Develop new collaborations during one-to-one meetings

Keynote speakers:

What topics will be addressed?

  • Privacy, security and safety
  • Trustworthy and explainable AI
  • Data economy and federated services
  • Digital sovereignty
  • Social media and fake news
  • Web 3.0

Who should participate?

  • Software developers
  • Adopters of trustworthy technologies
  • Suppliers and system integrators
  • Researchers looking for cooperation with companies