OPC Day 2022 – International

Mehrtätige Veranstaltung der OPC Foundation unter dem Motto „IT meets Automation“:


  • Day 1 – Keynotes
    • Challenges of the energy tranformation by Espen Krogh, CEO Prediktor
    • OPC UA @ Audi In-Campus by Rainer Strobel, PGMM and Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Möhl, LEA Lean Energy Services
    • Keynote by Stefan Hoppe, President OPC Foundation
  • Day 2 – Technology updates
    • Security: ECC – Why Does it Matter? by Randy Armstrong, OPC Foundation
    • Security: Update of the IT-Security study on OPC UA by Jens Cordt, BSI Germany
    • Cloud: MQTT – Topic Trees, Metadata and the UA Cloud Library by Randy Armstrong, OPC Foundation
    • Field: Extending OPC UA to the field level: status and roadmap by Peter Lutz, OPC Foundation
  • Day 3 – Collaboration updates
    • Overview, process and agreements by OPC Foundation
    • Digital Transformation of the Lab through upcoming LADS and CAISI OPC UA companion specifications by Dr. Matthias Arnold, CEO AixEnginners and Heiko Fessenmayr, Agilent
    • Relative positioning of objects in a 3D space with OPC UA by Suprateek Banerjee, VDMA
    • Seamless positioning in production and logistics – Harmonized understand of XYZ coordinates across OPC UA companion specs by Dr. Matthias Jöst, Heidelberg-mobil (Lead omlox association)
    • UA 4 Machinery – Cross domain interoperability brought to reality by Heiko Herden, VDMA
    • Scheduling actions in your OPC UA server by Wolfgang Mahnke, Unified Automation
    • Common model to manage assets with OPC UA by Wolfgang Mahnke, Unified Automation
  • Day 4: Architecture & Application
    • „OPC UA vs. MQTT vs. Asset Admin Shell – oh my!” by Erich Barnstedt, Microsoft
    • “OPC UA Systems (not just OPC UA Components)” by Jim Luth, Schneider-Electric, CTO OPC Foundation