Discover how to bring data spaces to life

Veranstaltung des „Data Spaces Support Centre“:

Funded by the European Commission as part of the Digital Europe Program, the Data Spaces Support Centre is aimed at initiatives and companies that want to create sovereign data spaces. It will explore their needs, define common requirements and establish best practices to accelerate the formation of data spaces – key elements of digital transformation – at all levels.

With the DSSC Insights Series, you will have the opportunity to experience the activities and scope of the Data Space Support Centre. In our monthly webinars, you will meet the DSSC stakeholders and actively follow the development of the Data Space Blueprint.


  • DSSC: why, what, when, who, how (Boris Otto)
  • Presentation of 100-day plan (Boris Otto)
  • DSSC support levels and Data Space experts (Christoph Mertens)
  • Starter Kit (Tuomo Tuikka)
  • Overview of next events
  • Q&A