Data Spaces Dialogue | Unboxing the Automotive Supply Chain Data Space Catena-X

Vorstellung des Data Space Projekts Catena-X:

The key players in the automotive, supplier and IT industries have joined forces to form a Europe-wide partner network: Catena-X.

The network is designed to enable secure and cross-company data sharing along the automotive value chain. With the IDS standard as the essential infrastructure basis, Catena-X forms a data space that unites automotive manufacturers and suppliers, dealer associations and platforms – an expandable data ecosystem that enables innovative business models and more efficient processes while making future mobility scenarios a reality.

Learn how the potential of the Catena-X data space can be exploited from three perspectives: the manufacturer, the supplier and the IT perspective. We will discuss with the experts who have built the Catena-X data space about where they are currently in their evolution paths and what we can expect in the years to come.