CHASE Expert days & SusChem-AT-Day

2023-04-25 - 2023-04-26 Den ganzen Tag
Johannes Kepler Universität - Uni-Center Linz
Address: Altenberger Str. 69, 4040 Linz

Veranstaltung von CHASE in Zusammenarbeit mit SusChem Austria.

Program Day 1:

On Day 1 the event will start with SusChem-AT contributions covering with: “Sustainable Energy Supply for Process Industries”.

The following session will provide the stage for partners spanning “New Technologies Enabling Sustainable Process Industries”.

12:00     Registration & Coffee

13:00     Welcome & Introduction

13:10     „Sustainable Raw Materials & Energy Supply“
                Josef Wünsch (Chair of ETP-SusChem / Senior Vice President R&D Performance Materials BASF)
13:35     „Enablers for a Safe-and-Sustainable High-Tech Ecosystem (IRISS, SSbD)“
                 Andreas Falk (Coordinator of SusChem-AT / CEO of BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (BNN)

13:55     „Life Cycle Assessment for a Sustainable Development“
Bettina Mihalyi-Schneider (Chair of SusChem-AT / TU Wien)

14:15     „Fertilizer Industry – from Natural Gas to Green Hydrogen“
Robert Schlesinger (Borealis Agrolinz Melamine)

14:35     Coffee Break

15:00     „Syncycle – Unwasting Plastics – Part I“
                Sven Wolf (NGE Next Generation Elements)

15:20      „Syncycle  – Unwasting Plastics – Part II“
                 Fabian Weinhandl (BDI BioEnergy International)

15:40     „Recent Advances in Polyurethane Recycling“
Roland Krämer (NEVEON)

16:00     Coffee Break

​16:30     „FlaeXmethan“
Paul Voithofer (Creonia)

16:50     „Automated In-Line Quality and Process Monitoring Made Easy by HaVoc Sensory System“
Jan-Christoph Wolf (Plasmion)

17:10      „Often Forgotten Aspects to Unlock the Full Potential of Data“
   Raphael Kapsamer (Tributech)

17:30     Discussion & Beverages

18:00    Dinner at LIT Factory

Program Day 2:

On the second day the stage is set for contributions from industrial & scientific partners and the advances of our valued CHASE employees.

08:30     Registration & Coffee

09:00     „Thermodynamics of Solvent-Based Recycling and Triboelectric Sorting of Plastic Waste“
          Juraj Kosek (TU Prag)

09:30     „Archaea: Microorganisms with Climate Impact and Biotechnological Potential“
 Christa Schleper (Uni Wien)

10:00     „Advanced Processing Technologies for Conversions in Multiphase Systems“
                 Mark Hlawitschka (JKU Linz)

10:20     „Catalysts for Small Molecule Activation and Conversion“
Wolfgang Schöfberger (JKU Linz)

10:40     Coffee Break

11:10     „t.b.a“
                Roman Kern (TU Graz / Know-Center)

11:30     „LIT Factory – Bridging Science and Industry“
Klaus Straka (JKU Linz, LIT Factory)

11:50     „R&D for Recycling at Industrial Relevant Scale“
Martine Brandsma (NTCP)

12:10     „Cascade Recycling of Fibre Reinforced Materials – How Processing Influences Composite Performance“
Christoph Burgstaller (TCKT)

12:30     Lunch, Postersession & guided Tour LIT Factory

14:00     „Innovative Circular Design Approaches for Thermoformed Products“
                Ines Traxler (CHASE)

14:15     „Removal Efficiency of Matrix Contaminations During Washing“
                 Konstanze Kruta (CHASE)

14:30     „Circular Solutions for Plastic Film Waste in Upper Austria“
Johanna Langwieser (CHASE)

14:45     Coffee Break

15:00     „Metal-Organic-Framework Templated Heterogenous Catalysts for the Transformation of CO2“
Simon Herber (CHASE)

15:15      „From Bottlecaps to Frisbees – A Casestudy of Mechanical Recycling Towards Circular Economy“
Hassan Akhras (CHASE)

15:30     „Nanoscale Chemical Imaging of Human Milk Extracellular Vesicles“
                 Nikolaus Hondl (CHASE Industry Award Winner)

15:45     Closing & Group Picture

16:00     Drinks & Networking