Why the Association has been founded

The Association “Industry 4.0 Austria – the Platform for Smart Production” was founded in 2015. In a broad alliance, important social, political, economic and scientific players are actively involved in shaping the future of production and work. The aim is to contribute to an increasing future prosperity for all people in Austria. The goal is to make the best possible use of new technological developments and innovations of digitization (Industry 4.0) for companies and employees equally and to shape the change in a socially acceptable way.

The Association sets activities to

ensure dynamic development of the Austrian manufacturing sector

promote research, innovation and qualification

contribute to a high-quality working environment and

a high level of employment.

Founding members of the association are:

Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK).

further in alphabetical order:

Association of the Austrian Electrical and Electronics Industry (FEEI)

Federal Chamber of Labour (BAK)

Federation of Austrian Industries (IV)

Federation of Metaltechnology Industries (FMTI)

Production Trade Union (PRO-GE)


Download: Factsheet Association Industry 4.0 Austria

Tasks of the Association Industry 4.0

We connect business, policy makers, science and media to successfully implement Industry 4.0.

We work closely together to support the changes in production, services and the world of work.

We define key fields of action and priorities and develop proposals for targeted measures.

We develop strategies for priority research fields with a high leverage effect for Industry 4.0.

We set initiatives to achieve synergies between national, regional and international activities.

We continuously inform companies, research institutions, politicy makers and the media about new developments in Industry 4.0.

We exchange experiences, ideas, data, studies and analyses.

This is what the Platform Industry 4.0 Austria stands for

We are an association of leading companies, scientific institutions and employee and employer representatives.

We are here to help your organization stay at the top or climb to the top.

Our collaboration is about technology and people. Our strengths are our knowledge of new technologies, their successful implementation in the workplace, mutual learning and cooperation with works councils and the transfer of knowledge from educational and research institutions.

International partners

Industry 4.0 is a global issue. International cooperation, especially within Europe, is therefore highly relevant for the platform. Partnerships exist with comparable industry platforms in Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Australia. In addition, each year during our annual conference, the “Summit” a leading country presents itself.

In addition, the platform is involved in international cooperation and contributes to the OECD, for example. In its publication “Digital Innovation: Seizing Policy Opportunities”, the OECD also refers to the work of the platform. In addition, CEUP 2030, an Interreg project in which the platform plays a key role within Central Europe, was launched in April 2020.