Study on qualification measures for Industry 4.0 – by Prospect GmbH

The most important findings at a glance

Expert competencies remain important, but at the same time, digital competencies, process understanding, self-organization and the willingness to continue development and to take over responsibility are becoming increasingly important. Digital competencies are becoming more and more important in production, while simple routines are the most affected

New requirements are created, for example, smart glasses can help employees learn new activities. As physical strength is becoming less and less important in production, respondents are expecting an increase in the proportion of women in the workplace. The best way to secure jobs is to invest in education and training. In addition to the actual qualification, competence means above all the ability to self-organization, willingness to learn and also the willingness to take responsibility. Many of the competencies that are important for industry 4.0 can be acquired better during work than in seminars.




In-company training – Dualization in tertiary education – Women in technology – Digitization of apprenticeship

Industry 4.0 requires companies to take a conscious look at in-company training. In addition to classical trainings, it is becoming increasingly important to promote the workplace. “Gamification” or “Augmented Reality” can serve as learning tools or methods.

There are still comparatively few dual studies in Austria in which the training in the company and at the university runs simultaneously. The earlier girls are enthusiastic about technology, the higher the likelihood that they will later choose technical training. The exit rates for female technicians in vocational training point out the need to prepare for technical careers early on in their educational career.


Digital tools and media should be used more intensively in apprenticeship training in companies and vocational schools in order to create a basic understanding for digitized processes. Important is the appropriate infrastructure and knowledge among the teachers.

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