Next 100 Symposium

Poupětova 1, Prag

N100 is the flagship Autumn ​working meeting ​of the Global Arena Research Institute, bringing together the realms of technology, society, politics, economy, security, environment, science and more. A pioneering, global, working dialogue ​on how to translate crisis-driven language ​into future-oriented ideas on a global scale ​and a vision of the next one hundred years.

2019 marks ​30 years of the democratic transitions in Europe. How shall we ​revive the future-oriented spirit that framed the exciting weeks and months of 1989-90, knowing the current concerns of sustainability, globalisation, societal changes, digital and technological transformations?

GARI, for one, is creating a digital ontology of globalisation.

The N100 platform’s mission is to bring together the ​most progressive minds in the economic, business and technological fields together with the most innovative and prominent international political figures, as well as impactful social scientists, thinkers, economists and natural scientists.


The 19th of November will find Closed Expert Groups built of speakers, experts, and partners steering to inform and inspire our main Symposium days. Following this is our first full Symposium day (20th), including Keynotes and Breakouts, open to our speakers, partners, and guests. On the 21st, the final day, we will see the continuation and conclusion of the Next 100 Symposium with key interdisciplinary meeting-points projected through Panels and Plenaries. After lunch, the N100 Fair will showcase engaging demonstrations covering robotics, innovation in development & medicine, and more from around the world.

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