#LetsCluster Conference

Smart Manufacturing – Call for talks/workshops

Messeplatz 1, 8010 Graz

Smart Manufacturing – Call for talks/workshops

Recently there is a growing awareness that the current production type needs to change significantly to adapt to some of the most important trends of the new industrialization: the worldwide networking of machines, warehouses and equipment and the new production logic based on intelligent, clearly identifiable and localizable products. If we see transparency, adaptability, traceability and leanness as definitory traits of the new production world, to what extent is our current production here groundbreaking/ pioneering worldwide? What success stories can be emphasized? And what can we learn from each other to improve our production strategy and international cooperation in this field?

We invite you to contribute to the analysis and open discussion of these trends in the #LetsCluster Conference on 26. and 27.03.2019.

We particularly welcome applications from the following areas, which reflect our key technological focus:

  • Production process (continuous production, batch production, mass customization, size one production, modular/flexible production, green production, new business models, Safety & Security …)
  • Production technology (inkjet printing, physical & chemical processes, high flexible structures to nano-assembly & integration of non-conventional technologies, Additive Manufacturing, 4-D Print …)
  • Automation (Robotics including MRK & autonomous robotics, Automated transport systems, automated guided vehicle, RFID/NFC, sensors, control engineering …)
  • Digitization (Data driven services, IIoT, Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Modeling and Simulation, Digital twins, Block-Chain, Cyber Security …)
  • Advanced Materials (semiconductors, lightweight materials, ceramics, coatings, surfaces, printed electronics, flexible electronics, even nano-engineering …)
  • Production assistance systems (HMI, AR/VR, multimodal interaction to wearable devices, conversational systems …)
  • Systems engineering (Requirements engineering, Functional specification, System integration, Verification and validation, Design review…)

You can express your interest by sending a short summary of your presentation (a few lines) to oana.mitrea@silicon-alps.at until 08.02.2019. Also indicate the key technology areas as well as the main production applications relevant for your story and the desired format.