Internet of Things | Masterclass

Connect and Transform your Business

Liechtensteinstraße 111-115, 1080 Wien

Connect and Transform your Business

What is it?

The concept behind IoT is about bringing everything of the physical world into the digital world by enabling things to feel, think and communicate. But IoT is not just a technology, it’s an opportunity and tool to transform products, processes and whole businesses. This course demystifies IoT and gives knowledge about common technologies, challenges, use cases and new business models, so you can exploit the countless new possibilities IoT offers. To take advantage of this evolution, a totally different way to approach challenges is required. You will learn how to think IoT and use methodologies to design, build and deploy IoT solutions.

Why participate?

IoT is possibly the biggest disrupter to business and society that we will experience in our lifetime. Connected sensors are embedded into all kinds of objects to deliver any sort of data with no delay. With the gained transparency, huge optimization potential and new business models are possible. This course helps you to develop and execute your IoT-based transformation. We look at IoT from a value perspective to meet the increasing needs of customers. You will understand the technology and how it will affect your industry, but more importantly learn how to utilize IoT to transform your business, create value and monetize it.

To whom it is addressed

This course is simultaneously business and technology oriented and designed for everyone who wants to learn about IoT in the context of architecture, products, projects, strategies and business goals. If you are a manager, executive, entrepreneur, product designer or simply an IoT enthusiast, this Masterclass is right for you!

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what’s behind Internet of Things
  • Understand how it works and why the time for it is right
  • Learn which areas are impacted and how our life and work will change
  • Understand how IoT, existing and emerging technologies engage with each other
  • Understand the challenges that come with a connected world
  • Learn about cyber security, data protection and regulations concerning IoT
  • Learn from real life examples and try out IoT show cases
  • Learn about business opportunities and use cases in different industries, as well as focused on your industry
  • Get a deep dive into hard- and software components, network technology, cloud and IoT platforms
  • Learn how to approach a problem or need with IoT and find a solution
  • Work on and develop new use cases and business models
  • Learn how to configure and work with a selected IoT platform
  • Build an application and dashboard with a selected IoT platform