Business model innovation with the Assocation Industry 4.0

New business models that are only possible through digitization are becoming increasingly disruptive. This presents companies with the challenge of continuously reviewing and adapting their existing business models in the market, or even breaking new ground. In many cases, a trial and error principle makes sense on a small scale in order to develop, adapt and refine a successful business model in close cooperation with suppliers, customers and experts. New business models rarely arise on the drawing board, but rather in interaction with others.

In the last newsletter, we introduced a module for business model development, the Business Model Lab, which offers the platform to its members. This helps companies to easily test and try out approaches of new business models in a secure framework. In recent weeks, additional modules have been developed to help our members more fully implement their digitalization strategies and develop new business models, and with the expertise of the entire platform network.

The five pillars cover relevant topics and areas that help companies develop their business models into the digital age:

The Executive Lounge is about informing and exchanging views with small business-management experts on specific topics relevant to business models. When asked how far a company is in implementing the digitization strategy or what steps should be taken next, the maturity model Industry 4.0 offers an independent evaluation and strategy. The Tool Box combines all the competences of our members and beyond the platform network and provides an overview of which topics you can benefit from as a member of the platform. The Tool Box should support you in the concrete implementation of your digitization strategy. In addition, in the expert group “New Business Models”, together with the members and experts, content is developed on relevant topics and the network character is further strengthened. The Business Model Lab enables you to try out your business models in the circle of members while preserving the IPR.

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