1st “Digitising European Industry” Stakeholder Forum

The Platform Industry 4.0 Austria was represented at the 1st Stakeholder Forum "Digitizing European Industry", organized jointly by the European Commission and the Member States. The aim is to coordinate measures to digitize the industry across Europe.

The Stakeholder Forum was organized by the European Commission together with the EU Member States. The aim of the Forum was to present measures to digitize industry at national, regional and European level, and to link the various national platforms and initiatives under the umbrella of the “European Platform of National Initiatives”. The venue was the UNESCO World Heritage Customs Association in Essen, formerly the world’s largest coal-fueled coal mine and the Central Europe Center. The choice of the venue also contributed to the motivation of the participants to continue the digital transformation of the industry in order to ensure the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry in Europe in the future.

In addition to the European Commission and initiatives or platforms from Italy, Germany, Finland, France, Great Britain, Lithuania and the Czech Republic, the Association Industry 4.0 Austria was also represented in the exhibition area of ​​the Forum. In addition to the presentation of national initiatives, platforms and strategies, the forum also included expert presentations, panel discussions and workshops on the subject of digital innovation hubs, standardization, future work, qualification, data protection and security as well as regulatory barriers. Beyond the different formats of the forum, the participants were informed about the need for better European cooperation in the area of ​​digitization. The core message was that digitalization does not know any national boundaries and the full potential for the European internal market can only be achieved through increased cooperation.

Officially presented will be the “Platform of National Initiatives” on 23 March 2017 in Rome. The platform will form the core of the European co-ordination efforts under the “Digitizing European Industry” initiative (DEI), which was presented by the European Commission in April 2016. The aim of the platform is to support the digitization of European industry and to provide a framework for exchange of experience, knowledge transfer and cooperation, and to develop common approaches for solving regulatory problems. Through the networking of national efforts, a critical mass of initiatives and investments for the digitization of the industry is to be established and the commitment of the Member States, individual regions and the private sector to the aims DEI will be ensured.

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